Saturday, July 18, 2009

Akira Toriyama

He was born on April 5, 1955. He is well known and respected around the world for his multimillionaire manga that sold over 120 millions of copies, and created a series of video games that up to date are still being release. He created that manga in 1984, and he named Dragon Ball. It has over 519 chapters condense in 42 volumes that contain on average 200 pages each. Not only he created one of the most famous mangas worldwide, he also actively participates in the development of different video games such as Dragon Quest, the fighting game series Toval, an RPG (role playing game) exclusive for the Xbox Blue Dragon. Akira's first hit was thanks to his popular manga name Dr. Slump (which in my opinion looks a little bit like the first Dragon Ball episodes). Thanks to Dr. Slump he was honor with the Shongakun Manga Award. Akira Toriyama inspirations are beleive to be the works of Dr. Osamu Tesuka and his manga Astro Boy, Walt Disney movies like 101 Dalmatian's, and the early Jackie Chan movies. Toriyamas is currently working in a project call Dragon Ball Online which its a direct continuation from the Dragon Ball manga, and its expected to be release in Japan, and South Korea.

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