Sunday, July 26, 2009

Death Note first cover

That is the cover of the first volume of the extremely popular Manga series named "Death Note" that was created by Tsugumi Ohba. The series deals with a supernatural note book, and the name of the preson that is written in the notebook shall die. The image has a black background with gray letters that stay the rules of the notebook. On the most predominant featers is the purple cross, probably like a religies symbol; to add more misticism. On top of the name there is a skull with wings, in my opinion it trays to represent an angel of death. Behind the main character named Light Yagami there's a strange figure. From the manga he is a shinigami or god of death, and he suppose write names and decide who is going to die. In the manga and anime Light receives the notebook. Thats is why he's holding that weapon, like a grim reaper. Light is standing in the middle of the cover, like the central figure; his legs are separated, and the way in which he's holding the weapon, creates a sense of movement, like if he was about use it. Death Note is an excellent manga and anime, that has a very complex plot, and many twist and surprices along the way; I will personally recommended to anyone.
Just for fun Im including the basic rules of the notebook; they reveal a little bit of the main idea arround the manga and anime.

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