Friday, July 10, 2009

The God of Manga

Dr. Osamu Tezuka is the father of Japanese animation; the Japanese Walt Disney. He invented something that ended being one of the most distinctive feature of the manga, and Japanese animation. He was born in November 23, 1928 in Ozaka, Japan. He was a manga artist, anime producer, and medical doctor; however, he never actually practiced medicine. While being in school, he was bully around, but he used to find comfort in his mom stories, that later on were part of his inspirations. He created famous manga that up to this days are still part of our culture; for example, he created Astro Boy in 1963, and there is an Astro Boy movie that is going to be release in 2009 or 10. Another one of his famous works was Kimba the White Lion. Also, he took advantage of his medical degree to take sci-fi manga to a whole new level with works like Black Jack. Another of his hugely mayor contributions to this field was the way he draw the eyes of his characters. The shape of the eyes is distinctive characteristic of Japanese animation and manga, and he was the one that create it. His inspiration for it; lays of the fact that when he was young his mother used to take him to the Takarazuka theater in the city of Takarazuka. He was inspired by the way in which the female eyes were highlighted. Thanks to that famous characters of the American animation of that time were influenced; characters like Betty Boop, and some say that even the incredibly famous Mickey Mouse. He died in February 29, 1989; he left a couple of unfinished manga projects. Up to the end of his life he was still creating new manga, and anime.



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