Friday, July 17, 2009

Anime, is it the same as manga?

How much of the original message that was express in the manga is retain when its converted to Anime. To be fair, I'll have to same that is a case by case situation; however, usually they differ quite a lot. For example, Akira the greatest anime movie ever made (according to you chris) is completely different from the manga. Another example for which I'm more familiar is Hellsing. The Hellsing anime consists of 13 episodes; to me the only parts that are the same are the beginning of the anime and the characters. Most of the plot was develop for the anime only, and even the episodes that were extracted directly from the manga were different; they were much more soft than the anime, showing less gore, blood, and sexual content. Because of that lost in the content in the translation, OVAS where created.

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