Friday, July 17, 2009

Popular Manga

Why manga has a such variety of readers? Well I believe that is due to the many different types of manga; there's such a great variety that at least one will be appealing to a reader. There are so many different types of manga that I believe that its impossible to find not find one that is would be attractive. Their plots have such a variety of themes including death, religion, comedy, social issues, racial issues, sexual issues, heroism, friendship, and many many others; also, there are some mangas that deal with absolubtly nothing ( I know that many will disagree, but I believe that the most suitable example is Lucky Star). Moreover, the quality of drawing could be a factor. Manga artist make their draws differently; for example, some try to be very realistic with their draws, making them look as realistic as possible, and others are more careful about the plot rather than the relative beauty of their draws. Also, manga books are very portable; they are small books that can be carried pretty much everywhere.

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