Friday, July 17, 2009

Ghost in the Shell

I have to admit that I just saw this movie a couple of days ago; however, it made a great impression for me, I hated it. First what it bother me the most was the slow paste, only a fast moving action every once in a while kept me awake. Also, around every 20 minutes or so, they show the decadent city, the pollution and what it seem to be a lost society unable to differ to find what make them unique. That would have not been that bad if they wouldn't haven't done it that many times, and the classic Japanese music( I'm assuming that it was Japanese) in the background almost made me turn off the t.v. However, I have to admit that I understood the reason of why this movie was such a big hit in the anime world. The identity problems that major suffered, unable to know if she was still human or if all the upgrades made her just a machine, wanting to quit, but unable to pay the price to do it. At the end of the movie the film left me thinking about myself; wondering what really makes myself be me, how unique I really am...

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