Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Akira is a 1998 film adapted from a anime. Up to this day is consider like one of the best anime films. According to an article from Wikipedia "Channel 4's 2005 poll of the 100 greatest cartoons of all time featuring both cartoon shows and cartoon movies, Akira came in at #16.", but many critics consider that the movie is too short for what its message, and that it basicly contains far too many thematical elemets.
When I saw the film, I was not impress with the actual animation and the style of the characters; however, for the time in which it was release the animation is considerably superior.
The message that the film is trying to transmit is powerful. It explores different social and psychological issues. For example, it deals with gangs, corruption and the search for power. Another important issue that is deal in the movie is the personal growth, the path to reach maturity, not only for one person, but also for humanity.

This is the english trailer for the original 1988 movie


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