Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little bit of faith...

Religion plays a big role in the world of manga. Many different works have been created around it, and it's not only limited to one religion. For example, we have the recent popular anime and manga Death Note.However, by far my favorite anime and manga that deals with mysticism and religion is Hellsing. Hellsing deals with Catholicism. However, what it seems interesting to me from the manga and anime, its the way in which the members of the catholic church are represented. For example, father Alexander Anderson its ironically portrait like an example of the perfect Aryan male in the anime; he's presented like a tall man with blond hair and blue eyes.

"I am the instrument of God, messenger of the divine punishment of heaven" (from the anime)

That particular drawn was very impressive to me. He seems to be making strong steps, you cannot even see his eyes, but yet they are penetrating, and intimidating. His fist is completely close, and its almost possible to feel the energy that he is putting into his hands. I like how one shoulder is drawn higher than the other; it seems to add the effect of movement into the draw. Then the crucifix, its suppose to identify him as a man of God; however, to me it looks like a sharp object, almost like a weapon ( Isn't religion used like a weapon through history? the inquisition?). I personally enjoy this drawn because it represents the opposite of what its really suppose to be; instead of a father, a man of God and peace, I see something that resembles a diabolical figure.

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