Friday, July 31, 2009

Shonen Jump

Like an overall general statement Shonen Jump are magazines that are dedicated to the manga, anime, and Japanese culture. Shonen Jump weekly being one the oldest branches is as its name says a weekly magazine that is release in Japan. It features different manga series, video games reviews, and general culture contents. Its known sister in the US is Shonen Jump Magazine. Shonen Jump Magazine is the US version of Shonen Jump, and its release monthly just because its more traditional. Also, since is release only once a month it possess certain differences. For example, the manga that is publish is far more carefully selected, and its chose trying to get the manga that will appeal to an audience from the US. Moreover, not all the manga titles that are selected get to end their series inside Shonen Jump. When the manga becomes unpopular its replaced. I consider it annoying that certain titles are removed from the magazine without having an end; however, with series like Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z that are extremely long is reasonable, but magazines like Shonen Jump are important to spread different and new titles of Manga.

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