Friday, July 10, 2009

Tite Kubo

His real name Noriaki Kubo. He's a young Japanese manga artist, who created famous works like Zombiepowder and Bleach. He was born in June 26, 1977. His career began in magazine manga contest that he didn't won. However, a producer saw his work, and offered Tite Kubo to work with him. His influences while creating the plots for the manga are sometimes strong emotions. For example, in his series Zombiepowder he deals with the seek of power, and the desire to resurrect a love one. Specially that last part may be his bigger influence, since it has been said that during the production of Zombiepowder Tite Kubo was experiencing a severe personal trauma. However, in his most recent and by far more popular manga name Bleach his influences are by far different. In different interviews, Tito Kubo has said he was influenced by different manga series such as Shigeru Mizuk's GeGeGe no Kitaro; also, popular culture like films and rock music.


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